[-50% OFF] Cinema 4D Corona SMC v.1.3.8

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- Updated plugin to v.1.3.8 like in Resdshift SMC.
BUT! I will encourage the use of a single material option as multiple materials have some issues.


- Interface added

- Added material naming

- Folder link insertion(FINALLY!)

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This plugin helps you speed up your work in Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer!
Simply select folder and get material with textures out of your folder!
INSTALATION: Put plugin folder inside of the Cinema 4D plugin folder!
Currently plugin creates only one material, multiple folder importer is coming!
Also, there is no Chanses to mix AO and diffuse because of the Cinema 4D API limitations, but i'm working on it!
I'm a single creator, This plugin is made without any DRM, but please, if you are a Studio - please, buy as much copies as you have artists that would use plugin at the same time.
Thank you!
Copyright © Maksym Vysokolov | Cataclysm VFX Studio

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Corona SMC Alpha Plugin


[-50% OFF] Cinema 4D Corona SMC v.1.3.8

0 ratings
I want this!