Cinema 4D Redshift | Multiple Material Creation | SMC v1.3.8 Plugin

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UPDATE 1.3.8:

  • Fixed: Multiple Materials ignoring Standard/RS Material toggle

UPDATE 1.3.7:

  • Info Channels changed all to RAW

UPDATE 1.3.6:

-RS Standard Material added to settings
-Minor Shader tweaks

UPDATE 1.3.5:

  • Shader errors fixed due to Redshift updates
  • Updated saved parameters upgrade
  • Minor API fixes

UPDATE 1.3.4:
Added automatic Cinema 4D material conversion while Node Materials for Presets is On
Now you can use either Node materials or Xpresso materials.

UPDATE 1.3.1:

  • Fixed material naming issue
  • Fixed missing textures format
  • Fixed correct bump and displacement Colorspaces
  • Fixed Interface scale and adaptivity
  • Added checkbox for a new node - Maxon noise for Bump mix to add imperfections for your material.

UPDATE 1.3.0:

UPDATE 1.2.0:

This plugin helps you speed up your work in Cinema 4D and Redshift Render!


Simply select the folder and get material with textures out of your folder!
Or you can create multiple materials!

INSTALATION: Put the plugin folder inside the Cinema 4D plugin folder!


Both Node Materials and XPRESSO materials are supported!
MacOS is supported with one "but"! You need to use "Multiple Material" button in order for material to create a correct setup!


I'm a single creator, This plugin is made without any DRM, but please, if you are a Studio - please, buy as many copies as you have artists that would use the plugin at the same time.
This software is delivered as-is.

Copyright © Maksym Vysokolov | Cataclysm VFX Studio

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Cinema 4D Redshift | Multiple Material Creation | SMC v1.3.8 Plugin

21 ratings
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